(July 2016) A testimonial from Michael Cardenas: I had the honor and privilege to have some healing work done with the Medicine Woman and Goddess from Sedona, Gentle Thunder. I have had thousands of healing session in my lifetime. Thousands. Reiki, Pranic Healing, Galactic Pleidian Light Activations, Theta Healing, Santeria Limpias, Sound Healing, the list goes on and on. Although they were relaxing and help me to raise my vibration, nothing has ever moved me the way this work did. Gentle Thunder is an extremely gifted intuitive healer and spirit worker. I feel like I had 30 years of psychotherapy in one hour with grace and ease. I got closure concerning my toxic relationship with my father and pinpointed and healed the toxic patterns I inherited which was the root cause of so many disturbances in life. I’m also feeling a lot more connected, balanced, and comfortable with speaking my truth which I struggled with in the past. I am reborn. I haven’t smiled ear to ear uncontrollably to the point my jaw hurts in about 5 years. She has changed my life and I am so grateful. Run don’t walk to have your session with her.