(August 2016) Alyson “Little Owl”: Gentle Thunder assisted me on so many levels. The healing that occurred from the session I received from her went so deep that weeks later I felt so much transformation had transpired. I had come to Gentle Thunder in complete anxiety due to being in yet another narcissistic relationship that was psychologically and emotionally abusive. I saw my part in the situation yet I was taking on too much of the responsibility and was not allowing love in as a result. Gentle Thunder helped me to compassionately release these ties to the relationship and even past relationships that had still been connected to me. She helped me to cultivate self love and compassion, and gave me tools that I am still using to this day. I have been down so many other avenues of healing modalities, but hands down Gentle Thunder’s approach is gentle, and trans-formative.I felt as if I was going through a rebirth, and I had in fact been reborn. I no longer allow relationships that do not serve my greatest good, and am much quicker at release people, and things, that do not match my frequency. Gentle Thunder’s gifts are of light and love, and exude great care and compassion. Having one session with her was like open heart surgery. I must say this: if you are considering having work done with Gentle Thunder then make sure you are ready for this type of change, have no reservations because she does not mess around when she works, and is very serious about assisting you. Don’t waste your time, or hers. With that being said, open yourself up to the divine infinite healing, and stay ready because once you begin work with Gentle Thunder then a lot is going to transform for you, don’t be afraid, be receptive to it.